Chris Wong Hoi Fai

New Book Release - Now and Then

First edition launch on Hong Kong Photobook Fair on 29th - 31st, April, 2019. 

Photo Book Description

A historic building is a legend of one’s own time. A trace of it is left and gets exposed on an instant photo. Each frame is a monument to be discovered and preserved. A photo in hand is a ticket to ride on a time machine. Travelling between different points along the timeline, we re-witness moments in history. When the past and present are juxtaposed, humans cannot help but respond with contemplations and a sense of nostalgia.

Now and Thenis a personal documentary on occidental colonial-style buildings in Hong Kong.Each place, may it be a barracks, a court house or a church, exudes its own lasting charm. What if we slow down and listen to the stories of these timeless aesthetics.




Title: Now and Then

Authors / Photographer / Editors / Design: Chris Wong 

Publisher / Publishing house: Self publishing 

Release date /Publication date: April, 2019

Publication place:  Hong Kong

Size: 21cm X 25.5cm

Language: Chinese and English

ISBN: 978-988-79603-0-0 

Printing: Hong Kong

Edition: 400 copies

Number of pages: 56 pages 

Number of images:  51 images

Format, binding: Hardcover case Bound book

Printing: Colour

Printing Resolution: 700 dpi

Type of printing: offset

Production/Finishing: Spot coating on the cover and inner page for all images. 

題目: 今日昔日

作者 /攝影 /编輯 /設計: 黃海輝

出版人 /出版社: 黃海輝

出版日期/發行日期: 2019年4月

發行地點: 香港

尺寸: 21cm X 25.5cm

語言: 中文、英文

ISBN: 978-988-79603-0-0 

印刷地點: 香港

印刷版數: 400本

總頁數: 56頁

圖片數量: 51 張

釘裝方式: 精裝

印刷: 全彩色

印刷網線數: 700 lpi

印刷技術: 柯式印刷 

印刷後加工: 封面和內頁全部照片局部印刷光油

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